Football Terminology

Free Agency – When a player’s contract has expired they can test their chances with other teams and possibly sign with another team.

Franchise Tag – is a designation a team may apply to a player scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent. The tag binds the player to the team for one year if certain conditions are met.

Downs – a chance for a team to advance the ball ending when the ball carrier is tackled or the ball comes out of play

Offseason – A time in the league where there are no actual games being played.

CB – Corner back – a player who tries to keep the other team from catching the ball

QB – Quarterback – a player who throws the ball or hands off the ball to the RB

RB – Running back  – a player who runs the ball to gain as much yards as possible to reach the end zone

WR – Wide receiver – a player who catches the ball from the quarterback

Punt – turning possession over to the defensive team after three unsuccessful downs and punting it to the opposing team

Punt Return – running back a punted ball

End Zone – where the team scores to receive six points

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