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This won’t be like many other posts. This is something plain and simple in questioning the New Orleans Saints, WHY WAS DREW BREES GIVEN THE FRANCHISE TAG? Has he not proven himself as one of THE elite quarterbacks of this league. Last year he broke Dan Marino’s record and had one of the best numbers of a quarterback this past season. Sources around the league said as recently as yesterday that the Saints and Brees’ agent had yet to come to an agreement about a contract. There are a few reasons why I see this has happened. One of those reasons being that they want a little more time to build a better team around Brees in order to bring another Super Bowl back to New Orleans. Another reason would be exactly how long will Brees be able to compete with all the younger quarterbacks that have yet to set foot in the league. There’s some unanswered questions about this and yes a few logical explanations. But in my opinion, pay the man his money so he can bring another championship back to New Orleans.

Gisele Bundchen Calls Out Patriots Receivers?!?

There has been so much talk about this. And I can see it from both sides of the story. So to explain to those who haven’t heard about this recent “scandal.” Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen had been taped criticizing the Patriots’ receiving core for all the dropped balls from the Super Bowl. She said that, ” [her husband] husband cannot f–king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time,” and “I cannot believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

So what I have to say about that is on one side, Bundchen should stay out of football business because she was not on the field during the game. She was not in the huddle so she should just stay out of it. Also, Brady could catch some hell from his own players, so it was better if she would have kept her mouth shut until she had some kind of privacy to herself or  Brady himself. But on the other hand she has a point because she is defending her husband and just voicing her opinion on what she saw. She has a right to come to her husband’s defense and interpret what she saw.

Other players’ wives have come to her defense as well as some Patriots’ players. The situation should really be a non-issue

Celebration Time..Come On!!

Up and down Broadway fans lined up for a chance to see their New York Giants hoist up the Vince Lombardi trophy in celebration of their Super Bowl victory. Those fans were with the team through the highs and lows of the 9-7 season. Whenever a team nabs that Vince Lombardi trophy, the hometown also reaps the benefits of the win. Those fans who may not have been able to see their team at a home game got a chance to see them up close and personal in the teams celebration parade, riding down the streets of New York. People took time off and took their kids out of school just to see Eli Manning raise the trophy over his head with a big smile on his face. Not only had the Giants won this great feat, they defeated the odds with beating the Patriots for the second time for a Super Bowl win. Keep Reading There’s More…

Playing the Blame Game

Wes Welker

It’s been almost 24 hours since the New York Giants were named Super Bowl Champs and the media buzz that’s more intriguing is the missed opportunities made by the New England Patriots which caused them a fourth championship.  The dropped balls, the interception, the sacks, had all attributed to the Patriots loss. So who was to blame? Was it Wes Welker‘s dropped pass that he makes al the time at every game? Was it the intentional grounding pass Tom Brady threw that caused a safety?There were many mistakes made by the team, but to the media and myself there was one play put the nail in the coffin. Wes Welker.

Wes Welker was pretty much alone with a clear shot at either a first down or a possible game winning touchdown with four minutes left in the game. Welker is Wes Welkerone of the elite widereceivers of the league with 122 receptions for over 1500 yards and nine touchdowns. So how could a receiver that good blow such a huge opportunity? At this point it is neither here nor there because after the confetti falls, Welker and his teammates have to take that long trip back to their prospective homes without a championship ring. Keep Reading There’s More…