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What’s Going on With The Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders are my favorite team and a question I ask myself a lot during the offseason is, what’s going on? Raiders are known for outrageous contracts and using free agency as the draft to sign players who used to be good but are no longer up to par.

But since so many changes have come up after the horrendous showing against San Diego, a game that would have pushed them into the playoffs for the first time since 2002. So what’s in store for the 8-8 team? The first thing done was wiping out most of the coaching staff from last season including head coach, Hue Jackson and replacing him with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator, Dennis Allen. Allen would be the first defensive minded coach since Raiders hired John Madden for the  job in 1969, bringing the franchise a Super Bowl victory in 1976. Does that mean history will repeat itself, bring the franchise to glory once again? Only time will tell.  Keep Reading There’s More…

Raiders Release Stanford Routt


Honestly, this is the best news I’ve heard in a while when it comes to the Raiders’ defense. Stanford Routt, CB, was released less than a year after signing a big $54.5 million dollar contract. This comes shortly after the Raiders hire new defensive coordinator, Jason Tarver. As a Raider fan myself, I’m happy to see this happen because of the many crucial penalties he caused during the season. They would come at the times when the Raiders would have had a big defensive stop, but because of his pass interference calls or holding calls the opposing team would get the first down.

When Nnamdi Asomugha was on the team Routt’s numbers were actually pretty decent and relatively better than Asomugha’s. So it was only right for him to get a big contract, but for the following season he would have to show up in a major way since the team lost Asomugha to the Eagles. WRONG! Routt gave up nine touchdown passes and led the NFL with 17 penalties. That is not numbers a starting cornerback who would have received $5 million on Friday (if he was still on the Raider roster) should’ve been producing. So it was only right, in post-Davis fashion, to let him go.

Goodbye Routt!

Face Mask Penalty by Routt Source: boltsfromtheblue.com