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Brees Meets With NFL Officials

Drew Brees and former Saints linebacker, Scott Fujita and players union head, DeMaurice Smith met with NFL officials today to discuss the Saints bounty program that led to the suspension of head coach, Sean Payton as well as possible punishments against players  that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says will occur. Goodell says there are about 22-30 players who were involved in the program including Fujita and  linebacker, Jonathan Vilma. Punishments that have occurred already include the suspension of Payton, a fine of $500,000, stripped of two draft picks, general manager Mickey Loomis suspended for first eight games, and interim head coach, Joe Vitt who will be suspended for the first six regular-season games.

Access Denied!

Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton’s appeal has been denied. He was recently punished for the bounty scandal that has been plaguing the team for weeks now. His punishment was being banned from his team for the 2012 season for simply knowing about the bounties that were occurring with his defense. According to Roger Goodell,  Payton’s suspension will begin April 16th.