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Celebration Time..Come On!!

Up and down Broadway fans lined up for a chance to see their New York Giants hoist up the Vince Lombardi trophy in celebration of their Super Bowl victory. Those fans were with the team through the highs and lows of the 9-7 season. Whenever a team nabs that Vince Lombardi trophy, the hometown also reaps the benefits of the win. Those fans who may not have been able to see their team at a home game got a chance to see them up close and personal in the teams celebration parade, riding down the streets of New York. People took time off and took their kids out of school just to see Eli Manning raise the trophy over his head with a big smile on his face. Not only had the Giants won this great feat, they defeated the odds with beating the Patriots for the second time for a Super Bowl win. Keep Reading There’s More…

Congratulations Super Bowl XLVI Champs New York Giants!


The NFL now has its Super Bowl Champs, the New York Giants, who despite being the underdogs of the game made a huge impact by beating the New England Patriots. Going into this game it could appear to others and the media that the Patriots would be a shoe in for the victory.

But Eli Manning proved otherwise as he handed the ball off to Ahmad Bradshaw for a touchdown with 57 seconds left in the game for a five point lead. Though the Giants two-point conversion wasn’t a success it left Tom Brady with under a minute to make a comeback. Unfortunately this comeback did not happen a sack and dropped passes by the receivers. Which meant the NFL had its champs, the New York Giants and quarterback, Eli Manning as the Super Bowl XLVI’s MVP.

Reppin the Raiders on Super Bowl Sunday

Being a lover of the game of football, I’d have to say that the game turned out a complete success. It was exciting with no clear cut favorite for the MVP trophy. Though I was rooting for the Patriots for this one, I have to give credit where credit is due and give a big hand clap for the Giants doing what they needed to do to come out with a victory. In the end, Congratulations to them.