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This won’t be like many other posts. This is something plain and simple in questioning the New Orleans Saints, WHY WAS DREW BREES GIVEN THE FRANCHISE TAG? Has he not proven himself as one of THE elite quarterbacks of this league. Last year he broke Dan Marino’s record and had one of the best numbers of a quarterback this past season. Sources around the league said as recently as yesterday that the Saints and Brees’ agent had yet to come to an agreement about a contract. There are a few reasons why I see this has happened. One of those reasons being that they want a little more time to build a better team around Brees in order to bring another Super Bowl back to New Orleans. Another reason would be exactly how long will Brees be able to compete with all the younger quarterbacks that have yet to set foot in the league. There’s some unanswered questions about this and yes a few logical explanations. But in my opinion, pay the man his money so he can bring another championship back to New Orleans.

Free Agency — Who’s Leaving, Who’s Staying?

Free Agency is a big deal in the NFL. Some of the best players of a team’s roster enter into free agency due to money issues or roster space. Sometimes team’s have to let that player go or offer them a ridiculous amount of money to stay. This offseason there are a few notable players in free agency that may or may not stay with their teams. I’m going to discuss a few free agents that are more likely to stay with their teams, some that are going to leave, and those that are going to get franchise tagged.

Drew Brees

#9 QB New Orleans Saints

Source: thesportsbank.net

Brees, despite not making it into this year’s super bowl had one of the most beautiful statistical years of his career. He broke Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a year of 5,084 with a 9-yard touchdown pass to running back Darren Sproles in a Monday night showdown between the Saints and division rivals, Atlanta Falcons. Brees completed the season with 5,476 yards, 46 touchdowns, an average of 342 yards a game and passer rating of 110.6.
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