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A Girl’s Guide to Football

I’ve created a girl’s guide to football brochure that is available for download. It touches on the basics of football including positions and the key events that occur during the offseason.

To download click the page entitled “More Information” or simply click on the link below


Girl’s Guide to Football


Prospect of The Week: Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson made a name for himself as the standout running back behind star Mark Ingram at Alabama. However, Richardson truly became a standout player once Ingram entered the draft in 2011. With Ingram gone Richardson was able to put up numbers that would make him possibly the number one pick in his position. Unfortunately for Richardson, a knee injury would sideline him for the NFL Combine for him to showcase his talents and skills. He would miss the combine due to a minor knee surgery. But at the time before the surgery he was sure to be able to participate in his pro day March 7th. But that wasn’t the case. Richardson was not fully ready to workout for the scouts in Alabama.

Trent Richardson, RB

Height: 5’11

Weight: 224lbs

College: Alabama

40 Time: —

Richardson’s numbers last season at Alabama catapulted him into the spotlight with 1,976 all-purpose yards and 23 touchdowns. These numbers also made him a finalist for the Heisman which Baylor quarterback, Robert Griffith, III ultimately won. Despite his loss of the trophy he still succeeded in getting SEC Offensive Player of the Year. But despite all the accolades and great numbers, RIchardson still was not able to workout for NFL scouts at both the NFL Combine as well as Pro Day. This could drop his stock because it can be seen that the running back is damaged goods due to injury.


Prospect of The Week: Morris Claiborne

Two clear cut favorites in the draft are Luck & Griffin, but what about the other hundreds of players that have the potential to be a standout on any NFL team? There are many positions that make up a great football team besides the quarterbacks. So who is the next standout on the other side of the ball? For instance, LSU CB, Morris Claiborne.

Morris Claiborne

Height: 5’11

Weight: 188lbs

College: LSU

40 Time: 4.50

Claiborne deciding to forgo his senior year at LSU showed great potential during the combine and is lived in many mock drafts as a first round pick. His strengths consist of his long arms and body that would frighten any receiver. He has the ability to play in man on man coverage and zone which is something any team would be happy to have. Claiborne is an all-around athlete who is explosive and fast, with the only downside being he can sometimes get lazy with his technique that can be a problem for a team in the long stretch. Besides that, Claiborne has a lot of potential and could land on a team with a great need for defensive pass coverage like the Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders and the Minnesota Vikings.

Prospect of The Week: Robert Griffin III

The combine has passed and the numbers are in. As a QB Robert Griffin, III was the best at the 40 yard dash this year at the combine in Indianapolis. Does that change the minds of scouts on picking Griffin before Luck? Only time will tell whether the NFL prospect will go before Luck and be the top QB picked in the draft.

Robert Griffin, III

Height: 6’2

Weight: 223lbs

College: Baylor

40 Time: 4.41

The teams in need of a QB have not changed, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, and the Seattle Seahawks. Luck although still projected to   be picked before him, Griffin has a chance for a close second looking at his performance during the combine. During his Heisman year at Baylor University Griffin completed 291 passes with 402 attempts for 4,293 yards. Griffin has what it takes to survive in the NFL and to bring any team back to its glory days. Primarily, Griffin has no apparent weaknesses and with a strong receiving core around him he can surely be a force to reckoned with. His ability and accuracy are in comparison to last season’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, Cam Newton.

Prospect of the Week: Andrew Luck

After going back and forth with the idea, I’ve decided for a series of featuring a different NFL prospect each week and what attributes he poses. Especially since today marks the start of the NFL Combine. Each week until the NFL Draft, beginning April 26th and ending April 28th, there will be a different prospect featured and after the draft, I’ll feature a prospect that was either drafted or not drafted, why or why not. Just to keep it interesting. So for this week I’ve decided to start it off with none other than Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck


Height: 6’4

Weight: 235lbs

College: Stanford

40 Time: 4.73

Luck is projected to go in the first round and possibly be the first quarterback taken, with some stiff competition from Robert Griffith, III. Last season for the Cardinals Luck completed 288 passes with 404 attempts for 3,517 yards and a passer rating of 118.0. Luck has the potential to be a great started in the league for any team in need of a quarterback like Indianapolis (possibly), Cleveland, Washington, Kansas City, and Seattle just to name a few. He has great passing ability and accuracy, but he’s not so accurate outside the pocket. Pocket precision for Luck is definitely a plus as well as the ability read defenses. This being one of the key reasons Luck stands out from the rest.