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Peyton Manning to the Broncos?

At around 8:59am this morning, I was woken up by one of my SportsCenter alerts confirming that Peyton Manning has instructed his agents to start negotiations with the Denver Broncos. Being a Raiders fan this news is very disheartening, but what would I have rather had? Manning as a 49er or a Bronco? Honestly I think I was hoping for neither, but it’s looking as though Manning will be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Where does that leave Tim Tebow? Well sources say that Tebow would ultimately be traded when the deal with Manning becomes finalized. I don’t like Tebow much at all since I see him as a running back posing as a quarterback. But I guess I would’ve took the lesser of two evils and had Tebow stay in Denver seeing as how the Raiders defense is in the rebuilding stage. This day following Peyton Manning and what he may do is going to get more interesting as the hours go by.

Breaking News: DeSean Jackson Signs $51 Million Contract

Wide receiver, DeSean Jackson has signed a five-year $51 million dollar contract to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson was franchise tagged at the beginning of free agency and it was determined that he would have made roughly $9.4 million this season under the tag. According to Eagles coach, Andy Reid is elated to be able to keep his star receiver.

Jackson, at the beginning of last season decided to hold out since he would only make $500,000 for the entire season. For the numbers he was putting out there during the past three seasons, he deserved a lot more than that. But as of today he should have no complaints as to getting the amount he deserves.

Randy Moss to 49ers

Wide receiver, Randy Moss has reached a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The receiver went to Santa Clara to work out for the team and coach Jim Harbaugh. It would be a great asset to the team since their receiving core is depleting with the loss of Braylon Edwards in December. Moss will join first round pick Michael Crabtree and quarterback, Alex Smith who has yet to be resigned. The team finished just shy of the the Super Bowl this past season and hope to go for a repeat of going even further. And just maybe Moss will be that missing link to take them to the big game.

A Girl’s Guide to Football

I’ve created a girl’s guide to football brochure that is available for download. It touches on the basics of football including positions and the key events that occur during the offseason.

To download click the page entitled “More Information” or simply click on the link below


Girl’s Guide to Football

Prospect of The Week: Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson made a name for himself as the standout running back behind star Mark Ingram at Alabama. However, Richardson truly became a standout player once Ingram entered the draft in 2011. With Ingram gone Richardson was able to put up numbers that would make him possibly the number one pick in his position. Unfortunately for Richardson, a knee injury would sideline him for the NFL Combine for him to showcase his talents and skills. He would miss the combine due to a minor knee surgery. But at the time before the surgery he was sure to be able to participate in his pro day March 7th. But that wasn’t the case. Richardson was not fully ready to workout for the scouts in Alabama.

Trent Richardson, RB

Height: 5’11

Weight: 224lbs

College: Alabama

40 Time: —

Richardson’s numbers last season at Alabama catapulted him into the spotlight with 1,976 all-purpose yards and 23 touchdowns. These numbers also made him a finalist for the Heisman which Baylor quarterback, Robert Griffith, III ultimately won. Despite his loss of the trophy he still succeeded in getting SEC Offensive Player of the Year. But despite all the accolades and great numbers, RIchardson still was not able to workout for NFL scouts at both the NFL Combine as well as Pro Day. This could drop his stock because it can be seen that the running back is damaged goods due to injury.


The Peyton Manning Saga

Since Peyton Manning’s release this past Wednesday there have been many different speculations on where the veteran QB will end up. Soon after Manning’s release he traveled to Miami to speak to Miami Dolphin’s owners. This brought more heat onto Miami and what they could do to bring in Manning. Miami’s current starting quarterback is Chad Henne and by bringing in Manning it would all but nail the coffin in Henne’s fate as starting QB.

After his visit to Miami he went on to visit John Elway and the Denver Broncos. This immediately becomes interesting seeing as how Tim Tebow is currently the starting quarterback for the Broncos. Tebow brought the Broncos back to its glory for a short stint in the playoffs. But during the season it was clear that Elway was not too fond of Tebow. If Manning was to go to the Broncos, the team would have to figure out what to do with Tebow. Would they keep him as a backup? Or let him go? It’s a decision that would need to be made if the Bronco’s were to acquire Manning. Read More…

Breaking News!! Peyton Manning Released by Colts

After much speculation it all has come to a reality.Indianapolis Colts team owner, Jim Irsay made an emotional announcement that the team is releasing veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning rather than paying him a $28 million bonus. The quarterback had undergone some recent surgeries on a nerve in his neck that sidelined him during the entire 2011 season. This also caused a damper on the Colts season with a sad 2 wins and 14 losses. But with the release of Manning the Colts are more than likely going to take Stanford QB, Andrew Luck with the first pick of the 2012 draft.

As the decision to release Manning was definitely not an easy task, it comes at a great gift to those teams searching for a quarterback to boost their season. The veteran quarterback will more than likely be a huge buzz around the league and definitely create predictions of where he will go. There are a few places the quarterback could be a great asset in teams like the San Francisco 49ers (who have yet to re-sign Alex Smith), Arizona Cardinals who need a good quarterback to compliment receiver Larry Fitzgerald, and possibly the Washington Redskins who haven’t had a stable quarterback since Mark Brunnell. So it’s going to be a busy next few weeks to see where the veteran quarterback will end up making his home.