What’s Going on With The Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders are my favorite team and a question I ask myself a lot during the offseason is, what’s going on? Raiders are known for outrageous contracts and using free agency as the draft to sign players who used to be good but are no longer up to par.

But since so many changes have come up after the horrendous showing against San Diego, a game that would have pushed them into the playoffs for the first time since 2002. So what’s in store for the 8-8 team? The first thing done was wiping out most of the coaching staff from last season including head coach, Hue Jackson and replacing him with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator, Dennis Allen. Allen would be the first defensive minded coach since Raiders hired John Madden for the  job in 1969, bringing the franchise a Super Bowl victory in 1976. Does that mean history will repeat itself, bring the franchise to glory once again? Only time will tell. 

So far the biggest player move the team did, was letting go of CB, Stanford Routt who recently signed with Raiders rival, Kansas City Chiefs. But besides that nothing has been done and all it does is bring up more questions. What’s going to happen to now free agent RB,

Source: thebiglead.com

Michael Bush? Will a franchise tag be placed on him? Or will he be a started for another team? Bush led the team in rushing with 977 yards and seven touchdowns. He took on a heavy load when the teams star running back, Darren McFadden was injured during the October 2nd game against the New England Patriots. McFadden is going into his fifth season with the Raiders and has yet to play a full season for the team. There’s always high hopes for the running back, but that hope quickly diminishes when some sort of injury comes up and he misses the rest of the season. So it brings up more questions, should Raiders lose faith in McFadden and put all their apples in one box with Bush? This as of now continues to be undecided.

Carson Palmer & Terrelle Pryor

Besides the ever so popular running back question another “controversy” is happening with the team that involves the teams quarterbacks, Carson Palmer and Terrelle Pryor. The Raiders put so much on the line when acquiring Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals after quarterback, Jason Campbell went down. But was a first round draft pick in this year’s draft and a second round pick in next year’s draft worth 13 touchdowns and 16 interceptions?!? Former coach Jackson seemed to think so and so does Allen,

“I think absolutely he can fit. . . . We’re not going to force-feed something if it doesn’t fit what a guy does really well, we’re not going to force-feed that. But I do think when you look at Carson Palmer, that he does have the same type of athleticism. He’s as athletic as Matt Schaub, who they had in Houston, to really be really be able to run that same package.”

So what does that mean for Terrelle Pryor who was taken in last year’s supplemental draft? The answer remains up in the air as he could possibly be the backup QB to Palmer, but as of now the franchise remains mum about Pryor’s status.

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