Free Agency — Who’s Leaving, Who’s Staying?

Free Agency is a big deal in the NFL. Some of the best players of a team’s roster enter into free agency due to money issues or roster space. Sometimes team’s have to let that player go or offer them a ridiculous amount of money to stay. This offseason there are a few notable players in free agency that may or may not stay with their teams. I’m going to discuss a few free agents that are more likely to stay with their teams, some that are going to leave, and those that are going to get franchise tagged.

Drew Brees

#9 QB New Orleans Saints


Brees, despite not making it into this year’s super bowl had one of the most beautiful statistical years of his career. He broke Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a year of 5,084 with a 9-yard touchdown pass to running back Darren Sproles in a Monday night showdown between the Saints and division rivals, Atlanta Falcons. Brees completed the season with 5,476 yards, 46 touchdowns, an average of 342 yards a game and passer rating of 110.6.

Final Verdict: Brees isn’t going anywhere.

Marshawn Lynch

#24 RB Seattle Seahawks


Lynch has had his trouble throughout his NFL career, but more so off the field. Coming out of Cal in 2006 and being drafted by the Buffalo Bills, the man has surely made an impact wherever he went. Upon going to the Seattle Seawhawks, Lynch didn’t make so much noise. In the 2010 season, he had a measly 573 yards for 165 carries since the Seahawks’ primary back at the time was Justin Forsett. But in the 2011 season Lynch made sure he was a household name known as, “Beast Mode.” Lynch finished the season with 285 carries for 1,204 yards.

Final Verdict: Seahawks possibly need more time on his longevity…Franchise Tag

Wes Welker

#83 WR New England Patriots

Despite a bad showing in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, Welker had one of those seasons that would make a rookie receiver blush. He was one of the top receivers in the NFL with 122 receptions for 1,569 yards, coming second to the Lions’ Calvin Johnson. What’s so great about Welker, for one the man is only 5’9 with the average receiver height being six feet and above. He is Tom Brady’s favorite target other than the tight ends. The Patriots’ would be absolutely insane if they let him go for free agency to test out another team.

Final Verdict: He’s staying with the Patriots.

DeSean Jackson

#10 WR Philadelphia Eagles


Jackson is definitely one of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL right now,but is his talentworth all the crap that comes along with having him on the team. He has a big ego, one similar to a T.O. or Randy Moss, but he does have the talent to back it up. He is one of the fastest receivers in the bunch and when he’s gone….he’s gone to the end zone, which is why he is great as punt return more so than receiver. But his numbers last season were definitely not ones that garnered a contract extension. Last season he had 58 receptions for 961 yards compared to the 2010 season of 47 receptions for 1, 056 yards. And even better numbers before that. Jackson is one of those players that you have to sit back and think about, is it worth it? And in this case, I think the Eagles should look past this last season and look at the overall package.

Final Verdict: Franchise tag to see if he progresses


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